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XNA Tutorial using C# and HLSL Series 4 – Overview

-- This second part of this series is brand new, so if you encounter any mistake/error, be so kind to report it in the forum. Thanks, riemer --

Welcome to this 4th instalment of my XNA Tutorials for C#. In the first series, we’ve seen how to create a terrain. This Series we’ll go over that again – only this time using a totally different approach. Since we’ve learned (a bit beyond) the basics of HLSL in Series 3, let’s put that knowledge to good use.

How excellent your latest idea for a new game might be, you’ll hardly impress anyone if you can only move some self-drawn crosses or dots over a 2D board. In this Series, we’ll be creating a terrain that you can use immediately as a start for your game. As this series relies heavily on HLSL, you will like to go through Series 3 before you start reading on this one.

Because a terrain looks a lot nicer fullscreen that it does in a window, you can have a look at this fullscreenshot or at this one. And yes, the water moves and the clouds change shape ;)
So, in a nutshell, what will be covered in this series?

  • First-person mouse camera
  • Multitexturing with high resolution textures close to the camera
  • Realistic, moving water with reflections-refractions
  • Bump mapping
  • Specular reflections
  • Perlin noise
  • Shape-changing clouds
  • HLSL cylindrical billboarding
  • Region growing

    During this series you will need to download the following resources:
  • Starting code: Series4Effects.fx
  • Starting code: heightmap.bmp
  • Textured terrain: grass.dds
  • Multitexturing: sand.dds
  • Multitexturing: rocks.dds
  • Multitexturing: snow.dds
  • Skydome: dome.x
  • Skydome: cloudMap.jpg
  • Ripples: waterbump.dds
  • Billboarding: bbEffect.fx
  • Billboarding: tree.dds
  • Region growing: treeMap.jpg

    Before you move on to the first chapter, you can find a few more screenshots below.


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    Starting code
    Mouse camera
    Textured terrain
    Adding detail
    The water technique
    Refraction map
    Reflection map
    Perfect mirror
    The Fresnel term
    Moving water
    Specular highlights
    Region growing
    Billboarding renderstates
    Perlin noise
    Gradient skybox
    Short Tuts (3)
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    DirectX using C++ (15)
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