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Riemer's XNA Tutorials for C# -- Series 2

Welcome to this second series of XNA for C# Tutorials! In the first series, you learned some basic features of XNA. This set of features will be further expanded in this series, so after completing this series you'll have created your own 3D game!!

In this second series of XNA for C# Tutorials, you'll learn how to create a complete flight simulator. This will include flying your aircraft in a true 3D city and firing bullets at objects! Here’s a sample screenshot of what you’ll create:

Again, the main goal of this series is to cover XNA features. This means the physical flight model will not contain gravity influences, it just let's you manoeuvre your aircraft.
This is a list of the features you'll learn in this second series of XNA Tutorials:

  • Adding textures to your triangles
  • Dynamically generating the 3D city environment
  • Adding the skybox to get rid of the black background
  • Basic, but accurate flight modelling
  • Camera movement
  • Point sprites, basic billboarding
  • Alpha blending

    During this series you will need to download the following resources:
  • Starting point: effects.fx
  • Textures: riemerstexture.bmp
  • Loading the floorplan: texturemap.jpg
  • Loading a Model: xwing.x
  • Adding targets: target.x
  • Point sprites: bullet.jpg
  • Skybox: skybox.x
  • Skybox: skyboxtextures.zip

    Below you can find a list of screenshots:


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    Flight kinematics
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    Adding targets
    Point sprites
    Alpha blending
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