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DirectX Tutorial for C++ -- Overview

Welcome to the C++ part of this DirectX Tutorial. Although C++ is not the recommended language for beginners, it is often the language of choice when working on bigger projects.

The first entries of this C++ DirectX tutorial will be identical to those of the C# DirectX Tutorial, but written in C++ of course. This makes these pages of course also an excellent C++ Tutorial for enthusiasts who already have some minor programming experience, but are willing to take the next step to learning C++. For those, I recommend first completing the C# part of the DirectX Tutorial, before beginning this C++ part. This way, you will have the advantage of not having to worry about the DirectX concepts (because you already know them), and if you’re stuck on the code, you’ll always have the working equivalent in C#, which will greatly simplify the C++ learning process.

Below I have listed the final screens of every step in the C++ DirectX Tutorial.


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