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Welcome to the news Section of the TeamProject! (Name is a work in progress ;))

27.04.2009 - Project start


The TeamProject has started just a few days ago and this will be the place where we will keep you up to date!

So, who are we and what exactly are we doing?

We are a part of the Riemers.net community just as you are!
We were tired of writing code snippets or mini-games and decided to move on.

Our first project will be a chess game, as we want to start 'easy', or at least, not that complex.

If you want to take a closer look at what we are doing, you can visit our fourm.

As our team actually consits out of three members (Archenon, Radulph and Duallity) we are looking for some support in every way!

So what if you are interested in being a part of the project, but you have just started programming in XNA, or only have a few hours of spare time per week?
No problem! This project is about having fun and learning! There will be enought tasks which require less time or programming skills than others.

So feel free to leave a post at our forum, or at the Team Project section at this site.




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