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Topic: Multitexturing with more than 4 textures

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   Multitexturing with more than 4 textures
 Poster : achapman
 Posts: 1
 Country : Australia
 City: Adelaide

Posted by achapman on 23/05/2007 at 07:53:03
The multitexturing tutorial was very interesting. I understand that v2.0 pixel shaders only support 4 textures as inputs (and that higher versions, eg v2.a allow unlimited textures) - please correct me if I am wrong; I am struggling a bit with shaders! The project I am working on of course requires about 9 or 10 to be applied to a single mesh.

Can anyone suggest a method for using v2.0 shaders to apply more than 4 textures? You can see a picture of my current project at (just scroll down a bit). You will see that I am currently using coloured vertices for the landscape, which is obviously not satisfactory. I would like to use the ground type definitions under each vertex that control the colours to apply textures instead.
 Poster : radulph
 Posts: 225
 Country : germany
 City: hamburg

Posted by radulph on 24/07/2008 at 08:23:41
You could pack a block of 4 textures in a single image.

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