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Topic: Triangle strips and series 4

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   Triangle strips and series 4
 Poster : kilanirax
 Posts: 9
 Country : UK
 City: London

Posted by kilanirax on 07/03/2007 at 04:28:59
Hi there,

great tuts, I've gotten further in a week with these and xna than I have ever got.

I have a few queries I hoped you could help with, requests really and they're to do with triangle strips.

I've modified the basic terrain engine from series 1 and now have a textured, lit, heightmapped landscape.

I went through the stuff on triangle strips and modified my vertice declarations accordingly and got rid of my indices (since you don't need them for trianlge strips)

My request is basically could you marry the multi-texture method in series 4 to a landscape composed of triangle strips rahter than a list, or at least point me in the right direction?

Also, just as a thought - do you have any idea how I could smoothly move a model up and down hills in the landscape - currently my models move smoothly in the x,y directions, but if I take the model height to = the vertex height, my models jump up the sides of hills etc...

No worries on the second Q if you have no idea, like I said, just a throught really!

thanks again for the tuts, keep them coming!


 Poster : Anonymous
 Country :

Posted by Anonymous on 16/12/2007 at 05:16:46
Hi Kil

If you want to reduce the number of vertices being calculated you should consider implementing a quad tree and view frustum culling.

 Poster : JPot
 Posts: 1
 Country : USA
 City: Spokane

Posted by JPot on 27/10/2008 at 01:45:01
  I've also been having troubles getting multi-texturing to work with triangle strips.

The results are very awkward: stretched uvs, improper light shading, or nothing visible at all.

  When using triangle strips the order in which VertexElements are declared in the Vertice class will determine the awkwardness of the rendering.

  For now I think the best option is to stick with triangle lists, and use quad-trees/fog/culling to cut the processing lag.
 Poster : riemer
 Posts: 1392
 Country : Belgium
 City: Antwerp

Posted by riemer on 27/10/2008 at 13:23:34
In my book I'm using a strip to render the terrain. You can have a look at the downloadable code, I think it's recipe 5-10.
 Poster : Anonymous
 Country :

Posted by Anonymous on 02/11/2008 at 01:36:33
It's recipe 5-8 which demonstrates how to create a triangle strip with Buffers and Render it through BasicEffect. What we need to know is how to render it with your multi-texture effect.

Please help us. ):
 Poster : evlhamburger
 Posts: 102
 Country : Australia
 City: Brisbane

Posted by evlhamburger on 04/11/2008 at 07:12:15
I hate this forum system! FIX IT RIEMER!

Just make it so it keeps the text when you get the wrong password, to save us retyping it all out.

As I have typed before...

get these values...
HeightData[(int)ModPosX, (int)ModPosZ]
HeightData[(int)ModPosX+1, (int)ModPosZ+1]

interpolualte (or whatever it's called) between them using the decimal part as the weight.(so the ".123" of the floats.)

That should give the exact height.

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