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Topic: Can has DirectX??

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   Can has DirectX??
 Poster : m0nk3yi3unz
 Posts: 4
 Country : US of A
 City: --

Posted by m0nk3yi3unz on 29/03/2009 at 11:20:02
Hey riemers! Wonderful tutorials, again.

Looking at this tutorial, I about fell over seeing the terrain here in so much perfect detail. There has to be a way to do this in directX. Any chance of a C#.NET and/or C++ tutorial for this level of detail in the terrain? (I got going through series 2 in C#.NET for DX, but hit a snag as directX9 has a bug in the 3D sound portion of it.) I can deal with that bug, but this terrain is just too much to let go.

Thanks again, and I'll be trying to port over some of this tutorial (depending on how much is reliant on XNA itself, or just clever coding).

 Poster : Archenon
 Posts: 428
 Country : Romania
 City: Oradea

Posted by Archenon on 29/03/2009 at 11:33:17
My experience tells me the following. Everything in XNA can be achieved in DirectX (XNA is kinda a wraper to the DirectX layers) Only the code will be much long and a lot more messy but after a while you will get your way around it.
 Poster : riemer
 Posts: 1392
 Country : Belgium
 City: Antwerp

Posted by riemer on 30/03/2009 at 15:24:05
That's right, you can port all XNA code to DirectX code. This shouldn't be too hard, as the main new stuff in Series4 is HLSL related, which is 100% the same in XNA and DirectX.

I would not advice to start DirectX for C#, as XNA is in fact the next version of this 'Managed DirectX'.

Of course, if you manage to port the series to whichever other language, feel free to mail me the result and I'll be more than happy to put it online ;)
 Poster : Nemo Krad
 Posts: 61
 Country : England
 City: Leicester

Posted by Nemo Krad on 30/03/2009 at 15:46:10
I have already started to do this, you can have a look at my progress here:

It's based on Riemer's great XNA terrain, I have added bump maps to the terrain shader, I did this in XNA first, but have now started the port to C++

Hope this helps :)

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